Clear acrylic pen stand - sold individually


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Clear acrylic PEN STAND - sold individually

Stand weight approx. 50gr

Ideal to use for taking pictures of your pens.

These aren't easy to find in Australia, I had troubles in finding them.

I manage to find someone in the US that sells them so I order 12.

Many of these single stands are also excellent to display your special pens singly, reason why I got 12 to start with but, some visitors to my work-shop have spotted them and asked me if I could spare a couple. 

In no time, and a couple at the time, I end-up with nome left so I decided to order some more for me and a few extras so that I could have some spares for those that are looking for these type of stands.

I have about 50 of these spare so I though in make also these available to those that can't visit me but, buy blanks from me.

I have these here as a courtesy only, so a limit and quantities is necessary to allow them to last to others...!



If you are overseas, and require any of these stands, you will be better off (more economical) to purchase them directly from the supplier in the US.  His contact details will be provided to you, upon request...!


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