Amboyna burl sap/heart RESIFILLS - Stabilized/Raw - pen blanks various colour combinations - sold singly


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Amboyna burl sap/heart RESIFILLS - Stabilized/raw - PEN blanks

(various colour combinations)  - sold singly

B lanks size approx. 21mm square x 130mm long
Blank weight approx. 50gr.

NOTE: Blanks sold/unavailable are not marked on the pictures so please, verify the numbers that appear on the drop-down # selection window, those showing are the ones AVAILABLE...!

Please select the number of blanks you want otherwise, the blanks supplied will be in descending alphabetical order, as per availability

 These are blanks created from the edges of the Amboyna Burl where mostly was sapwood burl with small spots of heartwood.  All blanks with blue dye have been stabilised.  Blanks from 68-A onwards, are made with raw Amboyna burl.

After blanks #12, the blanks were made with some larger areas of the heartwood.  Blanks were specially prepared for stabilisation using the Cactus Juice and some Alumilite dye. After cooked/cured, the blanks were sanded and then sprayed with quality gloss varnish, for colour enhancement. If you have any questions please email me at,


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