Australian #21 Olive wood high grain Resifill - Small boards - Sold in pairs/book matched


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Australian #21 Olive wood high grain Resifill - Small boards

Sold in pairs/book matched

Blanks sizes of approx. 130x68x21mm (1,2,3,4) and approx. 130x64x21mm (6,7)

Blanks weight by pairs approx. 300gr

 Please select the sets/pairs you want, using the drop down menu..!

These are Olive wood small slabs/blanks that were processed from a single piece that was absolutely incredible stunning but, it had cracks through it so, I dry them in the oven and stabilised them with Cactus Juice prior to casting.

I cut them in booked matched to yield the best of the grains, some blanks weight more just because they had more or bigger cracks that were filled with resin and resin is heavy.

There was only one pair (#6) that show little to no cracks but, its was treated the exact same way as the rest with stabilising and casting.

Sure, you can simply cut them as pen blanks and save some money compared with the single Resifill Pen blanks of this wood however, you can have a use where most of the board/blank faces are preserved such as Jewellery boxes and even larger knife handles, all up to you...!


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