Australian #22 Olive root A1 grade wood RAW - Pen blanks - sold in packs


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Australian #22 Olive root A1 grade wood RAW - Pen blanks 

 Sold in packs

 Blanks sizes of appro. 21mm square x 130mm long

 Packs weight approx 230gr. 

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These are blanks cut and made from some Olive wood roots that I acquired some time ago.  I processed 3 of these roots and then slabbed them into small and manageable pieces, this way, the wood would also dry faster.

I have written a story about these roots, and was posted on IAP (International Association of Penturners) based in the USA, in it, I added lots of pictures showing the process of cleaning and slicing the root into manageable chunks to be taken home and cut up into small slabs.  It will give you a good idea of what the material is, from the very start, have a look, here

This wood will allow for many types of projects, from general woodturning items to pens, etc.  Large portions of this wood, crack considerably when drying, the typical stress cracks and all the natural flaws, crevasses are ideal to fill with all sorts of materials before or after the piece(s) have been turned to size/shape, the casting process using any type of casting resins do enhance this wood very well, the wood grain varies from burl to curl, swirl, dark lines and others while the colours vary also...!

The raw wood turns very well and finishes with ease...!


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