Australian #22B Olive Root Burl wood - PEN blanks - Sold in packs


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Australian #22B Olive Root Burl wood - PEN blanks 

 Sold in packs

Blanks sizes approx. @ 21mm  square x 130mm long

 Pack weight approx. 250gr.

Please select the number of packs you want, otherwise, the packs supplied will be in descending alphabetical order as per availability.

This listing is for the BURL blanks that were processed from the root.  Both trunk and root wood are capable to produce burl areas however, rare to find...!

These Australian grown Olive trees roots, are from some of the oldest Olive trees planted in the Colonial times by European Settlers.

Some of these tree had to be removed and I was given the task to do the job around the year of 2006.

The roots stayed on the ground for another 5 years before they were removed and I manage to salvage them all (about 9).

These have been kept in my open wood storage paddock not far from the house and every do often I clean and slice a root to which I process into different blanks, such as these.

The processed blanks are cut oversized and put to dry for a few years (normally 3) before I sand them to correct sizes, wax them and make them available for sale.

Olive root has a great percentage of natural oils, that gives it a nice smell when turned and the oils protect the wood for many years even without any finish.

The Olive root blue wood, is a small percentage of the root that is attacked by some fungi while under the ground, this is called spalting in most other woods but with Olive root, the fungi makes it to turn a dark bluish colour that is very attractive when the blank is turned into a finished piece.

Hope you enjoy working with them as I enjoyed processing them..!


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