Australian #50 Apricot tree old wood - PEN blanks raw - Sold in packs


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Australian #50 Apricot tree old wood - PEN  blanks raw

Sold in Packs

Blanks size at approx 21mm square x 130mm long

 Packs weight at 240gr. each

Please select the number of packs you want otherwise, the packs supplied will be in descending alphabetical order as per availability. 

These are dry and solid blanks processed from a couple of old Apricot trees, growing on a friends property, in the Aldinga area, about 25km from me.

I'm located in the SA Fleureau Peninsula, about 70km south of Adelaide, at the edge of the Adelaide Hills.

These trees planted by my friend and my auto-mechanic were struggling to survive due to old age, after many years of producing great fruits but, and as anything else, life expectancy was reached, therefore, they were in troubles and destined to be pulled out and burnt...!

I was not going to allow that to happen so, I offer to pull them out and replaced them with 2 new nurseries grown Apricot trees in exchange for the wood.  This was something that pleased my friend immensely, as I was taking care of something that he didn't really want to do but, acknowledged that had to be done, rather sooner than later...!

These are old trees that are rare to come by and I have been trying to get for some time so, we both got a win in the end.


Wood is extremely easy to work with and obtains a good finish with little effort.

Blanks are wax at one face for colour enhancement...!



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