Australian #62 Fig Tree wood, Stabilized and cast (Resifill) red & blue PEN blanks - Sold singly


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Australian #62 Fig Tree wood, Stabilized and cast (Resifill) red & blue PEN blanks 

Sold singly

Blanks  size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

Blank weight approx. 50gr.

For international buyers, I can fit 4 of these blanks in a small padded 250gr. envelop for AU$10.00 anywhere in the world.

Please select the number of the blanks you want otherwise, the blanks supplied will be in descending alphabetical order, as per availability.

These are blanks made from a fairly young Fig tree that was planted in the wrong place and that has to be removed late in 2013 to allow some construction.

The smaller branches/limbs were processed while green and put to dry but, the main trunk was stored in my open wood storage paddock.  A year later, I saw that the harsh weather had affected that soft wood, in lots of different ways, 2 of which were the spalting and the large cracks the whole thing had from the hot sun.

While the blanks produced from the green branches, are now dry and in use, the colours is pretty much what one can expect from a FIg tree wood, a medium yellow throughout, as the only colour.  The same can not be said from the blanks processed from the tree's main trunk, it has plenty of nice colours.  

There were not that many full raw pen blanks processed that had little or no cracks, the majority of the wood was only suitable for casting, and that was in fact, a good thing.  Due to the soft nature of this wood, I decided to stabilized all blanks with clear Cactus Juice (Stabilizing resin), before I would cast them with Polyester (PR) resin.

I decided to make each batch (normally 42 x blanks) with double colours, the first batch (this one) was made with yellow and carbon black Pearlex Powders however, attempting to add 1 more blank on each mold, has resulted in this batch to be a little thinner, at 19mm square, instead of the normal 21mm something that, was not repeated on the next batch's.

At the time of creating this listing, I had 3 batches made, this one, a yellow & black and a violet & white castings, they will be listed separately...!

These blanks, due to the stabilization of the softwood prior to casting, have resulted in becoming much easier to turn, the hardness of the wood has become a better match for the resin hardness so, the transitions should be less aggressive...!


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