Australian #64 Acacia Acuminate tree wood - 2 Tone PEN blanks - Packs of 4 blanks


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Australian #64 Acacia Acuminate tree wood - 2 Tone PEN blanks  Packs of 4 blanks

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

240gr. Pack x 4 blanks

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I have an old Italian friend in the town next door (McLaren Vale) that is an old timer in all possible ways, he uses firewood all year around to cook and for warmth in winter so, he is always looking for firewood.  Every tree he sees is firewood to him but he prefers the old type European trees with Olive wood on the top of any others.

He hunts Olive wood, and old fruit trees like is no tomorrow and he is in the mid 70th's but. strong as an ox. I have to keep my mouse shut when I find any woods, these in particular otherwise, they would be gone in a hurry, on the other hand, he does the same as I'm always pestering him to not burn the "good" woods, as I would replace them with many sorts of Gum tree wood.

Very rarely I manage to swap something with him but, a couple of years ago when they were building an overpass over the highway in front of the Towns main entrance/exit, a large area of vegetation had to be cleared, with it many trees of all sorts, native and introduced so, as soon as the bulldozers would rip the trees off the ground, that same evening (only time allowed for anyone to take as much wood as they wanted), this old fellow, his chainsaw and hild old car with the trailer behind, would be chopping wood away and take it home, maybe 2 or 3 trips daily.

There was something (old Palm tree) that, had no value to him but had value to me so, I equipped myself to get a load for myself, not only from that Palm tree (root only) but, from other tree species that I could get my hands on however, in one of my visits to this old friend I spotted some small dark bark logs on the top of a wood pile that he hadn't cut up smaller, and put it a side so, when I asked what it was, he didn't have a clue, neither did I, these logs were green and oozing a lot of sticky gum/resin out from the ends, according to him, it was a full small tree that they had ripped off, earlier that day, no other the same was seen before or after.  I was lucky that he was annoyed that his hands were all sticky and no amount of washing would remove it so I knew that I had a chance for a swap with some of my Gum wood.

After we done the swap, I struggled to find out what it was but, after some enquiries, I discover that this tree was an Acacia Acuminate, also know as Raspberry Jam tree.  Very dense and heavy wood but a pleasure to work with so, after some more search, I also discover that, a particular patch of trees of the side of the highway coming to my town from Adelaide that, I didn't know what they were, they could be spotted amongst the other trees as the leafs were a lot darker than any other trees nearby so, I found out that, my short supply of this new wood, may be resolved as they are the Acacias Acuminates.  Since then, I picked up some good pieces that, wind storms snapped off and that I'm happy with, I have cut it into pen blanks and they are drying on its own time...!


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