Australian #68 Pine bark stabilized - PEN blanks Resifills - sold singly


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Australian #68 Pine bark stabilized - PEN blanks Resifills

sold SINGLY - Multi-colours

Blanks  size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

Blank weight approx. 50gr.

For international buyers, I can fit 5 of these blanks in a small padded 250gr. envelop for AU$10.00 anywhere in the world.

Please select the number of the blanks you want otherwise, the blanks supplied will be in descending alphabetical order, as per availability.

These are blanks that were initially cut from the bark of a couple of old Radiata Pine trees, planted 100 years ago in the town back street, only a few hundred meters away from me.

Very interesting material to work with, totally buoyant and soft by nature, the pine bark layers create magnificent effects in items like pens.

Some blanks were possible to cut in the average full size pen blank but, rather difficult to find big enough and solid enough for such sizes so, I decided to stabilized some of the pieces that had natural flaws and bits missing and then cast then with various resin colour variations.

The results of the finish product are outstanding however, these are not blanks that I would recommend to a beginner pen turner, the density variation between the 2 materials is just too great therefore, better suited to those with some experience, already...!


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