Australian #78st Scarlet Kunzea shrub -PEN blanks raw- sold in packs


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Australian #78st Scarlet Kunzea shrub -PEN blanks raw

sold in packs of 4 blanks

Blanks size approx. 21mm square x 130mm long

Packs weight of approx. 230gr

For international buyers, I can fit 1 of these packs in a small padded 250gr. envelop for AU$9.00 anywhere in the world.

Please select the number of packs you want otherwise, the packs supplied will be in descending alphabetical order as per availability. 

These species are normally shrubs known for the great colours they produce in gardens and around houses, etc.

This was only one bush that has died a couple of years ago, the owner, a town resident, was very attached to this bush, she had it for many years and created a nice shaded spot in Summer that she frequented often to seat under, the smell of the flowers is just most pleasant.

In fact, it could have been cut last year but, there was a hope that the shrub would shoot again but, that never happened, it had to come down as the branches were now very hard and spiky when walking around it.

They use firewood in Winter so, the husband was going to cut it to burn but, the whole thing didn't have much wood, lots of small branches, typical of shrubs however, they knew that we would use any size woods for our hobby and the husband was not that keen to cut it and clean the place out so, she asked Merissa if I wanted to have a look, and that we could have it if the wanted it.

So, a couple of days later, I went to have a look but already armed with a chainsaw and the trailer behind the wagon. It didn't take long for me to have it all cut in about 12 or so inches long pieces, the widest about 4 to 5" and the rest about 2 to 3 inches.

Anyway, the wood I was going to use, went first in the trailer and all the "rubbish" was loaded on the top, a couple of ropes and the job was done.

She asked me if I would make 2 pens, one for her and another one for the husband, the one that planted that thrub, when they first moved to town and they built their own house out of mud bricks and Jarra, a beautiful and strong house, about 28 years ago then, and this was only last year...!

It had dead wood, some spalted and some pieces that were still green considering that the thrub was dead. When I got home and started processing the wood, I couldn't believe the extreme colours I was seeing in a small diameter log, I didn't take any pics then but, I took some yesterday when I had the blanks ready to wrap into 4 blanks packs.

I put all the blanks I had (41 packs of 4 blanks) in the working bench in the lolly-shop and took a few pics to try to demonstrated the amazing array of colours...!

They are now here listed and ready for you to order and enjoy...!


Thank you for visiting...!

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