Australian #9 Colonial Red Gum Burl - raw slices - sold individually


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Australian #9 Colonial Red Gum Burl - raw slices

 Sold individually

Blanks sizes and weights are all specified on the picture of each blank

These slices were cut from some very old Red Gum Burls, purchased at a farm auction in the beginning of 2011.

For a more detailed story of how I got the burls, read here.

The wood is solid with small cracks found throughout the burl, these are not your normall cracks but small wood cell separation as the burl dries.  These being so old have certainly devoleped a few extra but they are in fact more of a "feature" to the burled wood that a flaw.

Many other types of burls have these small cracks also, some a lot larger in fact...! 

While the wood is extremelly heavy and dense, it works beaytifully and reaches a good finish quite easily. 

NOTE: Slices have one face water sprayed for colour enhancement, allowing the true colours to be visible...!


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