Japanese Elm #96 tree 2 TONE wood raw - PEN blanks - Sold in packs


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Japanese Elm #96 tree wood raw - 2 Tone - PEN blanks

Sold in packs

Blanks size approx. 21mm square x130mm long 

Packs weigh approx. 250gr. each

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This was a large tree that someone has had it worked on where they cut the top off and all the large branches leaving only the main trunk that was promised to one of his friends that does a lot of woodturning. The woodturner call me to help him get the trunk cut down but he soon realised that his tiny chainsaw wouldn't be any good for that job so we agreed that I would cut it down and sliced it into logs for bowl turning etc, the tree was over 30" diameter so logs cut about 32/33" long was ideal but I would keep half of the long trunk that I endup cutting in similar size logs as his, my share filled my trailer right to the top and I came home happy with my lot and the other guy went home with his trailer also full, he was also happy...!

The first blanks sold were oven-dried but 3 and a half years later the wood is getting dry enough to sell as is, these are the first blanks listed that have been air-dried.

This wood is pretty and very dense/heavy, light to medium colours it resembles burl wood at some faces/grain orientation.

The blanks listed are (st) meaning, straight/with the grain cut, other cuts will be also available soon. Blanks were waxed in one face for the photo enhancement.


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