Australian #9C Colonial Red Gum Curly - PEN blanks - Packs of 4


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Australian #9C Colonial Red Gum Curly - PEN blanks

Packs of 4 blanks

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

240gr. Pack x 4 blanks

NOTE: This listing doesn't offer pack(s) choices, blanks/packs are too identical to require such method so, simply select "Add to cart" and then select the number of packs you want, on the "quantity" window.

For international buyers, I can fit 1 of these packs in a small padded 250gr. envelop for AU$9.00 anywhere in the world.

These blanks were cut from a very old Red Gum butt/stump, of a tree that was cut many years ago in the local area on of the last of the real old and large Red Gums. 

The stump stood where it lived for hundreds of years, a few years ago the land owner tried to remove it by using dynamite, it worked but the whole humongous stump and root system, was lifted off in the air a few feet and landed  also a few feet where it stood as a tree, splitting in half as a result of the blast.

That was still far too big to be moved or handles around so, it was left there for a few more years until I offered to cut it up and take it away.  I cut it a little small but still require a tractor and a truck to get them off the ground and take it all to my wood storage paddock.

From there, I have been cutting smaller pieces and take them home to process into pen blanks which these are the first ones from it and from the top of the stump wood where the curl still appears (apparently, the slabs were all curly wood, lucky tree owner...!)

Red Gum wood is fairly dense, solid, heavy and strong, resistant to weather and insect infestation, the Curly wood is of normally density but feels much softer to work with.  The wood colours vary from light to dark and the curl is pretty much seen through the whole wood, it comes up smooth off the tool and finish with little effort...!

NOTE: Blanks have one face waxed for colour enhancement, allowing the true colours to be visible...!

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