Australian #45 Banksia Hairy pod coloured PEN blanks NEW (translucent colours) - sold singly


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Australian Banksia Hairy pod coloured PEN blanks NEW (translucent colours) 

Sold singly

Blanks size of approx. 20mm square x 130mm long

Blanks weight of approx. 60gr.


ATTENTION: These blanks are now made with a new Epoxy resin 2/1 mix ratio

This is another improvement step of many, these blanks have had, since I first started making them almost 10 years ago.  The old resin used, the Polyester resin has produced mixed results throughout the years, some due to different manufacturers to my resins supplier, many also due to the variation of behaviours from cold to hot temperatures with brittleness being one of the worse characteristics known of this resin.

In recent times I was requested to make bigger blanks that would be machined in a CNC machine and Polyester has proven not to be the ideal resin for that type of work so, I searched and tested a couple of other resin types that I had available to me and the Epoxy resin has proven to be the most suitable resin to cast my blanks with. Its super bonding strength to wood or anything I embed in the resin are one of the great properties but not the only one, its flexibility when cured is ideal from CNC working/cutting.

Despite the fact that, Epoxy is almost 3 times the price of Polyester, I have increase prices to cover as close as possible for the resin price difference as all the other processing steps, are exactly the same.

The Banksia pods are treated/prepared for casting following the exact same procedures as before, all pod material or any other materials I use in casting, are all dried properly and stabilised with the Imported Cactus Juice from Texas in the USA.

On previous blanks of these series, all blanks would have the square corners removed before posted, that has now changed with the square corners been left on the blanks unless, I'm request to remove them prior to posting, the price is the same...!

There are 5 main Interference colours in the Pearlex chart, red, violet, green, blue and gold/yellow, the idea to sell these individually is so that, you can select the colours you may like, there is no limit but, I suggest that, you buy 4 blanks to make a pack weight, the same as before, the 4 blanks will go in a 250gr. parcel (the minimum allowed), it will cost the same to have 1 or 4 blanks sent, either nationally or internationally so please, be aware of this.

The new Epoxy blanks cast with the clear resin, will be made next and they will be sold in packs of 4 as previously.


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