Australian #16 Black Wattle "special"-sp 2 tone PEN blanks-Multiple choice Packs


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Australian Black Wattle "Special" PEN blanks #16-sp 2 tone
Multiple choice Packs of 4 blanks
Item/pack weight of approx. 250gr. and size of approx. 21mm square x  130mm long

Please select the number of the packs you want, otherwise, the packs supplied will be in descending alphabetical order.

This Black Wattle Special is a little different from the one I have from trees cut near from where I live (house), I found half a dozen small logs in the firewood pile of a friend that request I cut a tree close to the house that a wind storm has cause some damage and in risk of hitting/fallen into the house.

This was a old gum tree so the wood was going to stay for him to burn when dry so, when I first looked in his shed to where the wood could be stored, I spotted these few logs on the top of the pile that he was using to burn this year so, whatever was there, was dry or good enough to burn this year.

I recognise the bark and the end grain but was something else that made it different so, when I asked him, from where that wood come from, he took me to the back yard and pointed to the small stump, 1' off the ground.  He had cut it 2 years ago after the small tree died and he also identified it as a Black Wattle tree.

Interestingly, when I got home and started to work on it, I could see what I notice earlier on that brought my attention to it and that was the dark grey, dark green veins running between the heartwood and sapwood on some of the logs however, when I started slicing the wood into strips, I saw that the brown and yellow were also slightly different, the brown is not as dark and the yellow is a more "suave" yellow that the other wood I have.  There is also dark veins running through the heartwood that gives the medium brown a combination of colour and grain pattern, not seen before.

This situation is not knew, I encounter the very same thing/differences with many of other trees that grow in the area, particularly native trees.  Sometimes, you get a small tree that is full of treasures, other times you get another tree from the exact same species, and is totally different and almost useless for wood work but, always usable as firewood so nothing goes to waste, here...!:)

All blanks are provided in packs of 4 blanks with one face waxed for pic colour enhancement...! 

 If you require any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me at

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