Australian #9B Colonial Red Gum Burl - PEN Resifills (minor fillings) blanks - sold in packs


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Australian #9B Colonial Red Gum Burl - PEN Resifills (minor fillings) blanks 

sold in packs of 4 blanks

 Blanks size approx. 20mm square x 130mm long 

Packs weigh approx. 250gr. each

Please select the number of blanks you want otherwise, the blanks supplied will be in descending alphabetical order as per availability.

These blanks were cut from some very old Red Gum Burls, purchased at a farm auction recently.

For a more detailed story of how I got the burls, read here.

These are cut from the heart of these old burls, the more burl eyes the wood has, the more the wood tore/cracked apart inside but these are not the normal wood cracks, they are a natural part of the old burl wood that separates due to the different crossing wood cells that were created but the burl formation, the "waving" and position of these stress cracks, makes it ideal to fill with resin, however, attempting to cut the burl slices in pen blanks size before casting, will mean a disaster as the wood simple breaks apart at the cracks.  This may be a difficult step in the making of these blanks but, the resin fills all crevasses and transforms a quite fragile wood into a solid mass that allows a great degree of workability...!

While the wood is extremely heavy and dense, it works beautifully and reaches a good finish quite easily. 

NOTE: Blanks have been coated with gloss varnish, for colour enhancement, allowing the true colours to be visible...!


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