Australian Game call Resifills (cast) blanks - Sold singly


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Australian Game call Resifills (cast) blanks

 Sold singly

Blanks size (unless advised) are 7" to 8" x 1"3/4 square

Blank weight of approx. 250 to 450gr. each

(due to extreme weight variations, shipping/freight calculations will be based on the heaviest blanks, any adjustments on posting charges, will be refunded after the purchase has been completed...!) 

Please select the number of blanks you want otherwise, the blanks supplied will be in descending alphabetical order as per availability

This listing covers these new size blanks that I'm now selling on this store.  They are known as Game Call blanks made from various woods from my timbers list. Some are Burl mostly are not however, all blanks have been stabilized with Cactus Juice, imported from Texas in the USA prior to casting with PR (Polyester resin)

These blanks can be made to order using specified woods (within my list), of most sizes and any colour combination.

All blanks listed are sanded in a drum-sander and fully coated with some gloss varnish, for colour enhancement, only...!


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