Australian Kurrajong seeds Resifill PEN blanks - packs of 3


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Australian Kurrajong seeds Resifill PEN blanks - packs of 3

Blanks size at approx 20mm square x 130mm long

 Packs weight at 230gr. each

For international buyers, I can fit 1 of these packs in a small padded 250gr. envelop for AU$9.00 anywhere in the world.

Please select the number of packs you want otherwise, the packs supplied will be in descending alphabetical order as per availability. 

These are blanks made with Kurrajong seeds, stabilized and cast is Polyester coloured resin.Kurrajong is an Australian tree variety of the family of the famous Bottle tree seen mostly in Western Australia. These are a lot of work and as I found out, the little type mouse seem to love to eat those seeds too, I lost a large number of these seeds before I found that out, even when stabilized, the little buggers managed to crack the hard shell open and eat the raw sweet seed, inside.

I have wrote an interesting story about the making of these blanks, you can see/read it in here. Any pen made with these blanks will produce the "wow" factor, regardless what kit you put them on HOWEVER, handling these blanks is not for the faint hearted and inexperience pen turners.  Is that hard shell in these seeds that causes the difficulty, and the reason why is that, treated/stabilized or untreated/raw, the Polyester resin only sticks so far to that shell, and while being stabilized is better than raw because the heat treatment that cures the stabilization resin, cooks/roasts the seeds so, they become hard and won't shrink later on.

One of the major handling/turning secrets of these blanks is to use very low speed in your lathe, absolutely nothing over 800 rpm otherwise, the speed vibration and centrifugal forces (G's) resulting, will shake the seeds loose from the resin as the blanks turns, makes sense, huh...??? Thin CA is the second secret, and should be use to make sure any gaps behind the seeds shells, created from turning and removing material, is filled with this thin CA that gets into even the smaller gaps you can imagine so, maintaining the blanks integrity right to the end, at each step of material removing, bit by bit...!

Each pack comes with 5 stabilized seeds, in a little plastic bag, these are for repairs, if necessary.

There is also a "Tutorial" that I made, for the handling of the famous Banksia Hairy Pods Resifills pen blanks, the CA principals are the same so, you may want to have a look and see what I suggest, here.

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