Australian #21 Olive wood - PEN blanks raw - Small box size


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        Australian #21 Olive wood A1- PEN blanks raw

Small box size x 10 full length blanks

Blanks size approx. 20mm square x 130mm long (Square corners removed)

Small box weight of 500gr.

Attention: All blanks in these boxed packages, are sold with their square corners removed, no exceptions.  

The boxes have been already filled with selected blanks, there are no identification number on these boxes so, they will be posted based on the order they are/have, stacked on the shelves...!

This is Australian Olive wood from trees planted long ago from within the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia-Adelaide Hills.  This Olive tree species is the same as the trees growing in most of Europe, Israel and many others countries...!

The wood was cut/processed between 2005 and 2007, from trees planted by the first European Settlers to Australia in the 1800's, the wood is cut oversized, strapped and air dried.

These blanks are part of a number of batches processed at those times, some small batches were sold long ago, while a large number of batches have been put aside, for every time I would cut and process new batches of blanks, at least 4 to 6 times per year..!

You can find a little bit of everything on these boxes, all blanks that have the square corners cut off identify that they are part of these boxes and also are part of blanks that have been drying for a long time and that did move, crack while drying, they are not square and or waxed, they get the corners removed with a bandsaw jig and sold as is, this means that you may find some blanks with cracks, some not straight and some with sapwood, however, you can also find the best grains and colours in them, they would be A1 or exhibition grade if they were straight and of sufficient size to sand/square to correct sizes therefore the price difference...!

Shelving space was necessary to allow new green(is) batches of blanks to be put to dry, Olive wood and many other species so, time to let some go...!

Enjoy the price and the opportunity, make that work-shop of yours, smell of the pleasant aroma of the Olive wood when worked on...!


Thank you for visiting...!



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