Cigarwood Stabilized clear PEN blanks- packs of 4


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Cigarwood Stabilized clear PEN blanks - packs of 4

Blanks size approx. 20mm square x 130mm long
Pack weight approx. 220gr.


For international buyers, I can fit 1 of these packs in a small padded 250gr. envelop for AU$9.00 anywhere in the world.


Please select the number of pack(s) you want otherwise, the blanks supplied will be in descending alphabetical order, as per availability.


These blanks are made from some "veins" found in a Curly Gum stump, I removed some years ago. The full story can be seen, here .


These blanks were very soft and fragile and while I sold many of them, before I had my own stabilization capabilities, many were sold to pen makers that make cigars look alike pens and this wood is the closest thing I ever saw from the tobacco leafs on those cigars, reason of its name.


These few packs were cut at 5" long (normal pen blank size), while I have also cut and stabilized a few packs of the extra long (6") blanks, as requested by those making those cigar pens , available in another listing.


The blanks after stabilized were sanded to remove most of the excess resin and then fully coated with some quality gloss varnish, this not only protect the blanks but also enhances its natural colours...!


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