Liquor/Spirits aging American-Oak wood strips- bags of 10


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Liquor/Spirits aging American-Oak wood sticks- bags of 10 pieces

Strip sizes of approx. 120 x 15 x 15 mm

Pack weight of approx. 230gr

For International buyers, I can fit 1 of the packs in a 250gr package for AU$9.00 shipping 

I was often asked what woods I have that, could be suitable to cure alcoholic spirits, from whiskey, rum, etc., I'm not an expert on that subject so, I struggled to make any suggestions, appart from any Oaks I had and another wood that I know, is used in Australia frequently to cure Rum and that is Red Gum wood (I got a bottle of Rum to try after cured and, it was quite good...! "for a non alcoholic drinker").

I was aware of some of the white oaks that are considered some of the best woods to do this job but, none of them grows around here and I doubt if in Australia at all so, I discover a local famous winery that was importing Oak barrels from America and France, to treat/cure/age their quality wines into famous Port wine, the most interesting thing was that, they only use the barrels once and they they are sold out. (No wonder why their Port is so expensive but, pretty good...!).

I manage to buy a couple of barrels of each of the countries they are produce from so, one is the American Oak and the other is the French Oak, all barrels are marked/burnt with the wood type they were made from. I started to dismantle them and use the stays/ribs to make pen blanks from and these liquor aging sticks/strips/pieces with sizes that can fit straight into a normal liquor neck size bottle and that turn out to be about 15mm square. In some bottles, it may require to shave a little bit on the wood stick square corners but, a sharp knife can take care of that without any difficulty.

I understand how important "contamination" can be for wood that will be inserted into a drinkable liquid so, I take most care to make sure the bandsaw table, blade and anything else that can become in contact with this wood, is properly clean and sterilized.  I use Latex gloves and the sticks are inserted immediately into the sealable bags to prevent any contamination.

Here is a bit of a story I wrote about my first experience, cutting the wood into pen blanks, at the start...! here


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