New updated 99 AUSTRALIAN mix PEN turning timber species BLANKS


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New updated 99 AUSTRALIAN mix PEN turning timber species BLANKS

Pack weight of approx 4.8kg

These are the new 98 pack,(updated Jully 2017) all cut in a straight cut or with the grain as normally known, one blank per wood species.  Some timbers are drier (older) than others but, the majority are ready to go! only a couple of the last timbers listed on the species list may require a little more drying but that is easily noticeable from their weight and feeling...!  A large number of these timber species have also been cut in different styles pen blanks (X-cross, Z-diagonal, etc.), which I call the "VARIANTS".  There also some of these wood species that are spalted, crotch wood, burled wood and burls (burled wood has some identical characteristics of burls but are not burls as such...!)

Timber pen blanks, salvaged and processed from timbers grown, from the Mt. Compass region - SA (Adelaide hills-rural).

These pens blanks are now cut with the new size of approx. 21mm square X 130mm long.  This will decrease considerably the waste on most pen kits, allowing more blanks being cut from timbers and also a reduction on the postage weight, making possible to increase considerably the number of pen blanks that will fit on the most common postage packages, the 3kg and the 500gr prepaid bags.

Different packs combinations will be available soon, those will include (cross) & Z (diagonal) cut of most species already available in straight cut.  Different size packs and mixed packs.  You can also contact me for a selection of timber species/cuts and quantities at your choice, prices will be provided on application!


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