Resifills - Polyester resin cast KNIFE handle BLANKS and others - Sold singly


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Polyester resin cast knife handle blanks and others - Sold singly

Blanks sizes are marked on each individual blank or blanks groups

Blanks individual blanks can very from 170gr to 240gr

Please select the blanks you want, using the drop down menu..!

These are combination of blanks made some time ago, using the Polyester resin, resin that I used for everything for almost 10 years but that, has recently been upgraded to a an resin that offers better workability and adhesion strength to wood, or any other materials embedded into the resin, this new resin is the Epoxy 2/1 ratio.

All woods used in these castings were stabilised prior to casting, some are stabilised in clear, other had been dyed with some colours.

While these blanks were originally made as knife handle blanks, many have been used to make e-cig mods, vapor units before the resin type was changed, Polyester resin is less flexible, harder and can be brittle, making its workability with CNC machining less desirable but, possible if necessary.

These blanks sizes vary slightly, some a little bigger than others but all in perfect condition for the purpose they were intended for, manual and mechanic sanding is preferable that routers, etc, this will reduce the risks of chipping/breakage...!

Many of these blanks sizes, are now being made with the new resin that appart from higher quality, it also has a higher prices, about 3 times the Polyester prices...!

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