Australian #95st Red-Oak STABILISED Knife scales - Book-matched - Sold in pairs


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Australian #95st Red-Oak STABILISED - Knife scales bookmatched 

Sold in pairs

Scales size approx. 150x45x9mm  

Pair weighs approx. 200gr. 

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These are the first knife scales listed from this wood, showing a beautiful grain and colourations between sapwood and heartwood.

This new wood species on my "Timbers List" was sourced from the newly found McLaren Vale firewood processing plant.

This was the first time I ever saw this wood coming from this local area (as any other woods that are taken to that place) so, I didn't hesitate to get a few good logs that at the time were a little green and soaked wet with water from the rain.

The blanks listed have been oven-dry so, they are ready to be used while I have processed many more blanks that are at this time air drying for a few more months.

This wood is pretty and very dense/heavy, light to medium colours it resembles burl wood at some faces/grain orientation.

The blanks listed are (st) meaning, straight/with the grain cut, other cuts will be also available soon.


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