Hand made knifes using my blanks

This is the place where you will find, beautifully make knifes, by a great Russian Artist, Naumov Konstantin.

Naumov has been buying all sorts of knife blanks from me, for some years, he also made a few knifes for myself and the wife so, I thought that, I would ask him to make some of the knife's he made using my handle materials, displayed and available for sale at my Web-store.

The knifes are in Russia and will be posted from there to anywhere in the world, shipping is included in the knife's price.

Prices have been converted from USD$ to AU$ as that is the only currency I can use on my web-store.

Orders put through my web-store, will be paid through the store, immediate notification will be sent to Mr. Naumov with details of the buyer, postage from his end, will also be made immediately (working days) posted.

PLEASE: To note that, this listing shown is composed of multiple knifes for your selection...!


Thank you for visiting...!