Australian Banksia Hairy pods

Australian Banksia Hairy pod e-cig mod blanks Sold singly

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This listing focus specifically on electronic cigarette blanks made with Banksia Hairy pod that I grow myself.

These special Banksia Hairy pods, after dry are stabilised with Cactus Juice and then cast in Epoxy resin, this resin does have the ideal properties for CNC work and has much stronger adhesion than any other resin out there.

There are a number of type blanks I create with these pods and also, some pods from the Banksia Speciosa that also grow locally.

These blanks are fragile and therefore require some extra attention/care when worked on. Through times, I have provided video clips, PDF file and other form of instructional material to help those wanting to try these blanks.

Much has been said about them, one thing that has proven time after time is that, if those interested in work with these blanks, take the time to read and study all my recommendations/suggestions in relation to the general blank handling and the most suitable finish that should be used with these blanks.

Below is a list of the instructional material that I'm referring to, I support and guide anyone through the correct procedures, if necessary...!




*- PDF latest instruction file (needs to be emailed)


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