E-Cig Stabilized wood blanks

This section offers some of my woods, stabilized with Cactus Juice, imported from the USA.

Some are made from my local woods, and woods I got elsewhere, some are burls and some are "burled" they are not burls but have some of the burl type grains.

Stabilized blanks are sanded in a drum-sander to clean the wood surfaces from the excess dry Juice that was expelled from the wood, the wood is then sprayed with some gloss varnish to enhance its natural colours and grains, for the pictures taken...!

Blanks seen here, are only a small example of what I can provided for the making of e-cig boxes or other.

Best practice is to order, based upon your own requirements, sizes, wood species (from my timbers list), colour (dye), are all discussed and decided before anything is done.

Orders are paid (Paypal) on job "locking"...!