Pen blanks samples images

Pen blanks samples images

This page shows a large number of pen blanks that were turned fully or partially round, to act as samples of what the full size blanks for sale should like when finished with a high gloss and deep CA finish, the very same finish as most pens will receive...!

The samples will vary from raw pen blanks, cut in various angles, to stabilized wood clear or dyed to the castings (Resifills) that have a combination of materials embedded in the Polyester resin that is normally coloured in one or more colour tones.

Same samples are from totally experimental castings or blanks put together in a certain way, some never went past the "sample" stage while others have been produced abundantly.

There are samples that are kept for future reference, they provide crucial information if I ever have to reproduce them, even though, I do not like to make the exact same blanks, twice...!

For anyone looking for pen blanks to make pens with, these samples are great, not only because they show very accurately how they will look as a pen but also, allow to help matching up pen platings colours to the most suitable blanks, from there, normally a pen is built...!

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