Australian #14st She/Bull-Oak PEN blanks raw (straight cut) - Sold in packs of 4 blanks


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Australian #14st She/Bull-Oak PEN blanks raw  (straight cut) - Sold in packs of 4

Blanks size of approx. 21mm square x 130mm long

Packs weight of approx. 250gr. each 

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Please note, this is not the true Australian bull-Oak or Buloke, please read the description below.

The wood of these "dead" trees was cut in one of the local private properties where large numbers of timber species were planted as an experimentation to what grow and adapt best in these soils and conditions, many years ago.  Some species including this one did show a short life expectancy of 30 years or less, therefore becoming dry and dead and food for lots of different timber borers that seem to love its taste.  All of these trees were cut in the Australian Fleurieu Peninsula, situated about 70km south of Adelaide, and on the edge of the Adelaide Hills.

Interestingly, this native species timber has developed a series of different textures and colours, making it a combination of the Australia She-Oak and Bull-Oak from other States.  It goes from very dark red to nearly white, and all red and grey combinations in between.  Very old trees fallen to the moist ground for some time, lose lots of the reds and replaced it with grey, brown and black lines (beginning of spalting, with the natural bark separating by its own, leaving an absolute amazing texture on its outer skin, ideal for making a bowl with a natural edge.

Very hard and heavy timber, with rays that can be as wide and as tight as you couldn't imagine possible, allowing a beautiful pattern when finished.  This timber is quite pleasant to work with, very stable and finishes very well, with little effort.

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