Australian #12st Willow tree - PEN blanks raw - Sold in packs of 4


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Australian #12st Willow tree - PEN blanks raw

 Sold in packs of 4

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

Pack weight of approx. 250gr.  

NOTE: This listing doesn't offer pack(s) choices, blanks/packs are too identical to require such method so, simply select the number of packs you want, on the "quantity" window and then select  "add to cart" 

These blanks were made with some Willow trees I was requested to remove from inside of one of the local natural water springs, only a few hundreds of meters from where we live.  The channel from where the water run through is quite shallow and narrow, it swerves its way through a few houses backyards but, at this property, many Willows were planted long ago, as you would see normally in a creek, this obvious became a problem with some new trees growing inside the water channel or close enough to constrain the normal water flow so, they had to come out.

These trees were still fairly small but, would grow fast with that much water supply so, while I was removing these these small trees, I was asked to select any of the older trees that were too close to the spring and cut them down, and these were the trees that produced the logs from where these blanks were processed from.

Some blanks were cut from the green logs and put to dry, didn't take long for them to be ready as the wood is soft and dries quick however, those initial blanks were sold long ago, you wouldn't see any spalting on them, the wood was too fresh to have developed any spalting but, all the tree logs that were stores at the house and the wood storage paddock, they have dried slower but have been dry now for some years, and that is way some spalting is seen on some of these blanks that were all cut from one of the dry logs that was stored at the house, all those years ago...!

Very light weight wood, but not excessively soft, willow has been used in the construction of some instruments frames such as violins , even the most famous names in the violin world...!

Easy to work with and finish, great to dye and bring out the different wood cells densities, resulting in some very interesting effects.

Blanks were waxed at one face to enhance its colours for the pics, only.


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