Australian #25 Knotty Pine raw (special) PEN blanks- Sold in packs


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Australian #25 Knotty Pine raw (special) - PEN blanks

Sold in packs

 Blanks size of approx. 21mm square x 130mm long

 Packs weight of approx. 240gr

Please select the number of packs you want otherwise, the packs supplied will be in descending alphabetical order as per availability. 

These are a small selection/quantity of excellent grains and knots found when processing a few logs of this wood.

These blanks were made using locally sourced Knotty Pine trees, cut and stored in 2006.  For years, this wood was only used to make bow blanks and vases, and other pieces are done in general woodturning.  This wood species, marked with #25 on my "timbers list", has been part of the large mix packs I make and sell where, one blank of each listed species are bundled together, to make the mix packs.

As pen blanks, they never seemed to appeal to penmakers, mostly because of their aversion to any Pine woods, and its natural characteristics.  While I'm certainly not one of those people, as I have grown around Pine forests and used Pine wood for most of my woodwork projects, I decided that was time to make some experimentations with some of the equipment that I didn't have a few years ago, I'm referring to the wood stabilization system I put together in 2012.

This particular Pine species has a knot structure similar to Norfolk Pine, slightly smaller knots but located in general in groups of 5 to 10 knots all around the tree and in a "ring" formation (all around its circumference) every few feet apart.  The wood is quite lightweight and soft, it has lots of colours from yellows to greys within close proximity to those knots that also vary in size and shape.  There are curls, swirls and cross shades that created very interesting effects but that may be difficult to see in the raw wood reason the blanks/packs were coated with a thin coat of hot wax.



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