Australian #3 Pink/Rose Gum Burled Resifill- Rounded PEN blanks - Sold in Packs


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Australian #3 Pink/Rose Gum Burled- Rounded PEN blanks

Packs of 4

Blanks diameter of approx 21mm X 130mm long

250gr. Pack x 4 blanks

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These burl pieces waited a long time to be cast, they are not stabilised and I cast them with Polyester Resin.

Blanks after rounded were soaked with CA to prevent separation and for colour enhancement.

This is a very local tree species, so local indeed that, it came from some large snapped branches that the wind decided to give me, in my wood storage paddock tree line...!

This is also the most used wood cut as firewood, in this area due to its abundance, never the less, the wood can produce some interesting colours and effects in certain limit areas of certain trees and this is what I have as pen blanks.

The wood is of medium to heavy density, fairly heavy but, works and finishes beautifully...! 

These "Burled" wood blanks, are cut near the rare burls, the grain is busy but not as much as the burl wood itself.


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