Australian #38 White Gum tree wood - 2 Tone Pen blanks - Packs of 4


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Australian #38 White Gum tree wood - 2 Tone Pen blanks 

 Packs of 4 blanks

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

Packs weight of approx. 235gr. x 4 blanks

NOTE: This listing doesn't offer pack(s) choices, blanks/packs are too identical to require such method so, simply select "Add to cart" and then select the number of packs you want, on the "quantity" window.

This is another one of my local native tree species, found around here and one of over 800 Eucalyptus species in Australia.

Salvaged from an Arborists company that were doing some work in someone's back yard due to tree damaged caused by one of the wind storms that every so often, come through, the tree was condemned due to the major damage, its size and the proximity to the main house so, it had to come down.

Most of the work was done and the tree chipped away when I drove by, all but the larger logs that were too big for the chipper and that the contractor was going to load into his truck and take to the dump but instead, were taken to my wood storage paddock and some cash for a carton of beers (a well accepted currency for these type jobs...!).

This was in 2009 so, some was cut into pen blanks and put to dry, less than 12 months later they were ready to be worked on.  I cut at the same time these 2 tone but also, cross, diagonal and one colour straight cut blanks.

Very firm wood and tight grain, average weight for a Gum tree species, cuts and finishes quite easily.

Blanks are waxed on one face, for colour enhancement...!


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