Australian #44 stabilized VINE Shiraz Red Rounded Resifills PEN blanks - No borer holes - Sold in packs


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Australian stabilized #44 VINE Shiraz Red Resifills PEN blanks

These Vine blanks do not have  wood borer holes

Sold in packs of 4 blanks

 Blanks size approx. 20mm diameter x 130mm long 

Packs weigh approx. 250gr.

Please select the number of packs you want and add to your cart.

Theses are pen blanks made/cast with VINE wood/material that is now "Stabilised" prior to casting with PR (Polyester) resin.


Shiraz Red wine is a well famous wine from this part of Australia, produced in the next town from here, the McLaren Vale. There is a long and interesting story about how he  (wife and I) got these vines and that can be seen/read in here but, one thing I can say, for the first year the unprocessed vine was untouched by any bugs but, all of a certain, an infestation was present from tiny little bugs that apparently love to eat vine when is half dry. I lost 50% of all my unprocessed stock (had to burn it) and the rest had to be processed (oversized) in a hurry and stabilised with Cactus Juice to kill and prevent any further damage to the vine.  

Some of the vines were quite hard and stable, while other were quite soft and difficult to work with without some sort of hardening process so, the necessity to stabilize/treat all the vine in stock, was quite an expensive exercise but, was the only way I could salvage these unique vines, they produce one of the best wines from the region, for 40 long years so, not something that I will get again, in my lifetime...! 

 I also recommend the use of a 4" grinder with some 40 to 80 grit round "Flap" sanding discs, to void any risks of a bad catch, rather than using a normal gouge and destroying the blank.  This is obviously optional, depending on the level of experience and confidence one has, working with these type blanks. The finishes are no different than to what you would use if the blank was only wood.  CA (super glue) finish is the most commonly used, but many other finishes are possible.


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