Australian #5 Yellow Gum tree wood - PEN raw blanks - Sold in packs of 4


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Australian #5 Yellow Gum tree wood - PEN raw blanks

Sold in packs of 4

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

Pack weight of approx. 250gr.  

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My first contact with these Gum species was as a piece of firewood that I picked up from a large pile at a local timber supply.  Something in it was different than those Gum species I knew/seen in the past so, I processed that piece into pen blanks and I liked what I say so, I tried to find out how the tree looks like by asking the timber firewood supplier, from where that wood came from.

He said that was from around the area, there were plenty around so, I asked if he would show me one of those trees, that in fact, he had on his own paddock.  He also told me that, I had probably seen lots of them not knowing what they were because, they look identical to the also local Pink/Rose gum, and those I already had some wood processed.

He showed me what to look for to be able to differentiate them among the similar trees around.  I asked him if he knew of any small trees (1 or 2) that I could cut and take away the wood and he told me that, he had a mate that had some of these tree planted in one of his boundary fences but that, they have died young from the wood borer and Termite infestation, he told me that I could have them, they were a little small for him and that, we wouldn't take to his yard, wood that he knew was infested with Termites, and I don't blame him at all...!

He put me through his mate's property and we were more than welcome to take as many trees as we wanted, they were 6 of this trees, all planted at the same time about 8 years prior, average trunk diameter was about 8" and about 6 to 7 meters tall so, not a lot of wood but more than enough for us.  We had agreed that I would take them all down, cut the main trunks into manageable sizes/lengths and that, the rest would be burn by us on site/at the tree's location, away from the fence and any tall grasses.

We did that and, we had no troubles, some logs from the trunks here also burnt as they were full of termites and after we selected all the wood that was still in usable condition, and burn all the rest we come home with a full trailer of Yellow gum already dry...!

Is unmistakable the yellows seen on some pieces of these Gum species, I try to capture that when I processed the relatively small diameter logs, many areas were affected with large holes from the wood borer creatures that attacked and killed those trees a couple of years prior, the trees died standing up, and would stay up until the base/root would rot and disintegrate and that could take a few more years as the area was quite dry.

Cuts well and finishes easily, not very heavy/dense.  All blanks were waxed at one face for colour enhancement for the pics, only...!


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