Australian #57 Peppercorn tree burl Resifills-Pen rounded blanks - Sold in packs


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Australian #57 Peppercorn tree burl Resifills Rounded Pen blanks  

Sold in packs

 Blanks diameter of approx. 19mm x approx. 130mm long

Each Packs weight at approx. 250gr.

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These blanks were made with Burl pieces not stabilised and cast in Polyester resin that were attached to a tree I acquired some years ago.  This particular tree species burl is not like most other burls, the wood when green is solid but as it dries it shrinks and shrivels the wood grains, creating holes within the burl that are ideal for filling with resin.  
All blanks were soaked with thin CA after rounded, this would make sure any possible separation is prevented and also strenghten the whole blank, enchancing its colours in the process.
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