Australian #59ST Cypress-aged raw wood - PEN blanks - Straight cut sold in packs


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Australian #59ST Cypress-aged raw wood - PEN blanks - Straight cut 

Sold in packs of 4 blanks

Blanks size of 21mm square x 130mm long

Pack weight of approx. 250gr

NOTE: This listing doesn't offer pack(s) choices, blanks/packs are too identical to require such method so, simply select "Add to cart" and then select the number of packs you want, on the "quantity" window.

For international buyers, I can fit 1 of these packs in a small padded 250gr. envelop for AU$9.00 anywhere in the world.

This is certainly something that you don't see anymore, as this type of plantation trees are things of the pass, I couldn't believe how lucky I was by having 3 medium size long logs, sold to me by the local timber mill, old fellow and founder, as recently he passed on the running of the mill to his oldest son.

The old fellow (Bill) has been keeping and moving these logs in the yard for about 40 years, when he first got them locally, waiting for a something special  to do with them himself so, they kept changing locations and many times unseen for years, with tonnes of other logs on top. We decided to reserve a small area in the yard for all his treasures but, when his son took over, he needed space and all those dozens of logs, on his father's treasures pile, had to go.

Unfortunately for him and fortunately for me, these 3 logs and many other logs of various woods, were on the bottom of the large pile and seat on dirt as the bits of wood he put under as base, have rotted away so the wood was on the dirt and very humid one so, the wood was badly affected...! I manage to purchase most of the wood that was at the bottom of the pile, plus some other that he no longer had any use for, time or "things" to use it for. 

At 78 years of age, I think is time for him to rest a little and use some extra time that he never had, on things that he never had time for.  He still wants to work with wood in his shed at home, and from what I've been told by its oldest son, he has enough wood at home to last him 50 years...!

These 3 logs certainly had about 1/3 of its diameter pretty rotten and useless, but the other 2/3 or a little less, were/are in absolutely top condition, as the natural oils and resins of this wood are what made it so well sourced in the old days, right to almost extinction...!

Anyone that has worked with this wood will never forget the pleasant strong smell it produces when worked on, lasting for many days after, something that I remember from my young days and something that I thought I would never smell again...!

The wood has lots of natural oils but, being so old, the resins have settle reacting and the wood works like butter and finishes very easily, with no signs of any finish reactions, but if want to be sure, simply wipe the blank with acetone, before you put a finish on it...!

You have to really try it to understand what I'm talking about...!


Thank you for visiting...!

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