Australian #67-X (cross cut) Carob tree wood - PEN raw blanks - Sold in packs of 4


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Australian #67-X (cross cut) Carob Gum tree wood - PEN raw blanks 

Sold in packs of 4

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

Pack weight of approx. 250gr.  

NOTE: Please select the pack # you want and add it to the "cart".

These blanks were processed from a tree species that I found by accident.

I got a call from a friend's tree working company asking me if I wanted some Peppercorn tree logs and burl from a job they have won the contract to remove and of course, I said yes and on the day schedule I went there middle morning to give them time to get the tree down which they did, however, I saw that they were working on another tree at the back so when I approach them they sad that Carob tree had also to go, after a last-minute decision and quoted prices amended.

I never had the opportunity to work on a Carob tree, I know the tree type well as a kid used to climb up one of these trees to grab some of the dry pods and chew the hell out of them, they were sweet and yummy.

Anyway, I endup with all the decent logs of this Carob tree plus a few big Peppercorn tree logs that were full of burl, it took me a few trips/loads on my small 7"x4" trailer but I got them all stored, eventually.

These blanks were cut from the green logs and stored to dry, for a couple of years, I have finish some of them lately as they are more than ready to list...!

The wood is formed with lots of small darker dots that makes this wood very different than most.

The wood works quite well, and due to its density, finishes easy.  Blanks were also waxed on the surface to enhance its colours for the pics, only...!


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