Australian #76st SA Ironwood (local) - PEN blanks raw - Sold in packs


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Australian #76st SA Ironwood (local) - PEN blanks raw

Sold in packs

Blanks size approx. 21mm square x 130mm long

Packs weight of approx. 250gr

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These blanks are from the local South Australia Ironwood tree species, one of the densest woods of the Gum family.  All Ironwood tree species (there a many) are quite common as native trees in this area of mountains, Termites and wood borer creatures have a hard time attacking these trees and as a result, they live long lives.

The first lot of these lots, I found myself however, the last logs were found at the McLaren Vale firewood processing plant I discover in June this year (2016)

The blanks listed here were cut with the grain/straight cut, wood is dense/firm and heavy however, it works and finishes quite well, this would be one of the woods that would benefit very little for stabilisation due to its density.

Generally, of light colouration, darker veins can be seen as also some spalting from the older wood.

Blanks are waxed on one face for colour enhancement and presentation.


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