Australian #81C (curly) Eucalyptus Dura - PEN blanks - Sold in packs


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Australian #81C (curly) Eucalyptus Dura - PEN blanks

Sold in packs

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

230gr. Pack x 4 blanks

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This is one of the native trees of Australia, typical of South Australia, this Eucalyptus tree species is very dense, hard, heavy and though however works and finishes very well.

I recommend this wood as a Ebony replacement, there is, its properties are suitable to be worked into thin finials and other small items, its structure is identical to Ebony, the only thing needed is to dye it black.

Stabilization or dying saturation doesn't work with this wood, is simple too dense to allow the Juice to penetrate and any colours such as dyes, do not pass the wood surface and this is when I suggest to turn the piece to its final size/shape and then use a permanent black marker to make it black, it can be then finished in any way you like.

This "curled" wood is only found in some small areas of the tree so, full size logs can sometimes produce a small area of curl or not at all, sometimes I can go through half a dozen logs before I can find some curled wood, which is normally formed by wood contraction within the tree formation/shape.


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