Australian #45 Banksia Hairy pods stabilized PEN blanks Resifills - Packs of 4


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NEW Stabilized Banksia "Hairy" pods PEN blanks casted in Epoxy resin - Resifills #45-XX  

Packs of 4 full size blanks

Full Blanks size approx - 21 mm square x 130mm long.
Pack weight approx. 250gr.
*- These are now stabilized pods before they are cast in Epoxy resin...!

All packs are identical therefore there is no need to list each pack individually, simply select the number of packs you are after and add to "cart"

These interesting blanks were made after I find out that a shrub type small tree in my own front yard had pods instead of flowers as I thought since moved up here (2005). 

I have written the full story about this Banksia and how come I endup making pen blanks out of them, on a pen turning forum which I'm an active member (IAP), please read here...!

 In average, 50% of the resin used to successfully fill each blank this type (part wood) is wasted, this is due to the necessity to overfill the mold, before it goes in the pressure pot.  The immense pressure the resin is exposed to in the pot, forces the resin while liquid (not set) to "squeeze" into all empty spaces within the wood and the mold itself, creating that oversize blank in the end.

Is totally impossible to the sure of how much overfill is necessary with these casted blanks, If not enough resin is poured into the mold, after spending the night inside the pressurised pot, the blanks come out half filled, as the resin absorbs into the wood more that one would expect.  In these cases, the molds have to be re-filled and put into the pot again for another pressurisation time but that is not an ideal procedure...!

I also recommend the use of a 4" grinder with some 40 to 80 grit round "Flap" sanding discs, to void any risks of a bad catch, using a normal gouge and destroying the blank.  This is obviously optional, depending on the level of experience and confidence one has, working with these type blanks.

Note: These blanks do require some careful care when worked on, the stabilization has improved immensely the blank workability, however, some simple steps are recommended to be successful every time.  I have created a "Tutorial" on IAP "International Association of Penturners" based in the USA, where I'm an active member and a Vendor, other information about these blanks can be found on that site but here is the direct web link to the Tutorial

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