Australian #40cr (crotch) Ash tree wood Local - PEN blanks raw - Sold in packs


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Australian Local #40cr (crotch) Ash tree wood - PEN blanks raw

Sold in packs

Blanks size of approx 21mm square x 130mm long

Pack weight of approx. 230gr

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These tree species is very common in these parts, particularly as street and garden/shade trees.

This lot was made from a nice crotch piece I found.

I'm aware of at least 3 variants of the Ash species and I've got 2 of them cut as working/firewood wood from elsewhere and one (the third variety I known) growing in my backyard, planted from the previous people living in this house, just a few short years (about 4) before we moved in, nearly 9 years ago...!

Not the most appreciated wood species around here, some call them a plague or a weed, up here, anything that is not a Gum, is never good enough...!

Lucky me, I could get as much as I wanted of it but, I'm happy with what I've got stored in my wood storage paddock, is enough for us...!

Great wood to work with, dries fairly fast and doesn't crack that much, medium density and fairly light in colour and weight.  One of the things that I like on this timber is, the distinct growth rings and grain patterns, I use it all the time to do "stuff" with...!


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