Australian #42st Camphor Laurel wood (local)- PEN blanks raw - Sold in packs of 4 blanks


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Australian (local) #42st Camphor Laurel wood - PEN blanks raw -

Sold in packs of 4 blanks

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

250gr. Pack x 4 blanks

NOTE: Select the number of packs you want, on the "quantity" window and select "Add to cart"

This wood has an interesting story, I will never forget...!

I tried to get some of this wood for some time but, I just couldn't find one of these tree species that needed to come down so, I decided to speak with a couple of tree work companies from around Adelaide, that I had help in some way of the other in the past so, I asked them to let me know when they one of these trees to drop, I would drive to the worksite and take the wood away after they had cut it.  

These trees are introduced and considered a weed in Australia due to their resilience to die and to shoot everywhere with ease, they can grow of huge sizes and while I needed some of it, I was not expecting to take it all, if the tree was ginormous, 2 trailers full was all I required.

One day I had a call to let me know that they would be removing a small Camphor Laurel tree, close to the city and at a Doctors surgery place/yard, next to the main road of crazy traffic.  Anyway, we got there before them so we had a good view of the tree and we were confident that, was the right size tree for us.  A few hours later, the tree was cut and unexpectedly the doctor was inside and come out not very happy.  One of the branches it the roof and made some noise but no damage but this fellow was in a bad mood and started to go nuts at everyone.

Al of a certain, he looked at the wife and I and our vehicle with the trailer behind it and on his driveway, as was decided that, if I would back the trailer close enough to where they were working, their guys would put the logs straight in our trailer, and voiding the double handling, I was pleased with that but, the Doctor fellow didn't think that we should be there, when we had nothing to do with the tree work company, the things was that, the company boss, was suppose to let the Doctor know that we would be there to get the wood but, he forgot all about it.

When I told him that we had permission from the tree company boss, to be on-site to collect the wood, (the company was paid to dispose of it) he took off and rang the company boss to find out if I was lying or what.  A few minutes later he comes out and said that, while I was telling the truth, I didn't ask him permission to be on his driveway and off-course I got my blood boiling and told him what I thought if his attitude.

He was not happy and to make things worth, I couldn't take the whole lot in one load so, the wood was going to be put out of sight for me to pick it up, the next day, early morning.  I was also in charge to clean up any mess that could be under the logs.

The next morning, we went there, loaded the trailer, cleaned everything properly and got in the vehicle to go home but, the driveway entrance was quite narrow from the main roadside, had a stone wall cemented together to about 2' tall and a power line pole on the other side so, a tight squeeze,  When I was reversing to the main road, I tried to hurry up as traffic was coming and all of a certain, the front side of the vehicles' bullbar, nudge the stone fence and down she comes, about 2 meters of it, falling towards the foot pass.

Well, this Doctor fellow, heard the commotion and come outside yelling and screaming like a maniac, "what have you done to my fence" he kept saying, "oh, you are going to pay for this...!" bla, bla, bla...!

Was obvious that someone else knocked that corner of the stone wall lose, as the gentle touch wasn't enough to break the wall but, that was irrelevant, the wall was up, and now she was in pieces and all over the foot pass.  

I tried to calm that fellow down by telling him that, I could fix the wall and put it back the way it was but, he didn't seem to believe me, he didn't want to let me go until I would pay him for the repair, of which he was going to call someone he knows that do that sort of work to quote the repair job.  In the meantime, my vehicle was stopping traffic to move on that lane, and I was starting to get infuriated.

I walked to the vehicle, after I took all the stones from the footpads and put them over his grass, making the foot pass usable,  turned back and told him, "I already told you that, I can repair that, and we will be back in a couple of days with the gear necessary to repair that wall, if you have any problem, call the tree company that you paid to cut the tree, they know all my detail, who we are and where we live..."

It happens that, this Doctor got on the phone and starting to abuse the tree company boss, that knew nothing about what did happen in the first place, I never had a mobile phone with me.

Off-course, when I got home, I had already half a dozen call to ring the tree company boss so I did and explained what actually happened.  He seemed quite satisfied that, I had promised to come back within a couple of days to fix it, that was good enough for him.  However, this Doctor would call my friend from the tree company, 3 or 4 times daily, asking when I would fix his wall.  This fellow was out of his mind and seem to not have any common sense and understanding that, what happened was not deliberate and that, we would part with the time, effort and expense to come back to fix it but he wanted it fixed straight away, we were nearly 90km from him so, my friend got really annoyed also with his attitude and apparently told him where to go, he already had been paid...!

Within 48 hours of the incident, we were there to fix the wall, we could see that this Doctor was inside and looking at the window corner all the time but, he didn't dare to come out, as he realised that I fulfilled my word and that he, had no need to have such attitude, that and maybe the fact that, I was walking around with some decent rocks in my hands, that I could use as projectiles...!

Anyway, when we finish the repair, had the foot pass washed away with water and everything packed away in the trailer, I knocked on the Doctor and asked for him to come outside and see if the repair was done to his satisfaction.  He was not really sure what to expect so, he walked around the wall twice, checked a few things a couple of times, turned around and said, "geez, you done a beautiful job with this repair, you can't see where it broke, it even looks better than before you broke it, thank you..!

I turned around and said, "for someone with your education, I would have expected a lot more common sense and understand for a small incident, I have said to you that I would repair it, and I did, when I said I would so, you should try to put a little more trust in other...!

We got in the vehicle and left, shaking our heads...!


OK, back to the blanks, I processed a few green blanks and put them to dry, until recently when I decided that they were more than dry to finish and list.  This wood has such a pleasant camphor smell if feel the room with its scent, lasting for many hours.

The wood is very nice to work with and finishes very easily.

Blanks are coated in one face with wax for colour enhancement for the pics, only...!


Thank you for visiting...!

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