Australian #98 Red Mallee root burl raw - PEN blanks - Sold in packs


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Australian #98 Red Mallee root burl raw - PEN blanks

Sold in packs

 Blanks size of approx. 21mm square x 130mm long

 Packs weight of approx. 250gr

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Australian Mallee burl is well know all around the world, there are basically 2 main types, the brown and red Mallee Gum burl species.

Mallee burls can grow on the tree trunk/limbs and on the roots, these are what I have on sale.  Mallee root burls are extremely difficult to rip from the ground and process afterwards due to rocks, sand/soil and all sorts of stuff that get jammed within the roots as they grow so, a nightmare for all the equipment that has to cut/slice this roots into suitable sizes.

The roots were purchased originally by the Mc Laren Vale firewood processing plant owner as one of the most expensive firewoods one can buy however, it's density and characteristics are well know when used to cook food, and as a firewood, it burns slow but hot, lasts a long time and leave little rubbish behind.

The burl was some variations in the burl composition, some harder, some softer and some spalted.

Very easy to work with and finish.


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