Australian woods and acrylic 4" long castings (Resifills) PEN blanks-Page 1- Sold singly


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Australian woods and acrylic 4" long castings (Resifills) PEN blanks

Page 1 

Sold singly

Blanks size at 21mm square x approx. 100mm long

Blanks weight approx. 40gr.


The blanks offered on page 1 and 2 and processed from E-cig blanks that were made some time ago and that stop selling, I have far too many made and I need to recover my costs, therefore, I decided that was time to cut them into pens blanks, they are a little shorter than the regular 5" but at approx. 4" long, they are suitable for many of the pen kits available in our days.

In this page one, I will focus more of castings that have included wood/burl or other materials, such as Coconut husk, Coconut fibres, Banksia pods, etc., while on page 2 I will focus on full acrylics some as glow in the dark.

All these blanks were cast with Epoxicast (made in Australia) with all the wood and pods all stabilised prior to casting, exactly the same processes as my other normal Resifill/cast pen blanks.


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