Australian #91st (White Ivory/not yet identified) tree wood SPALTED - PEN blanks - Sold in packs


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Australian #91st (White Ivory/not yet identified) tree wood Spalted - PEN blanks 

Sold in packs

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

230gr. Pack x 4 blanks

NOTE:  Simply select the number of packs you want, on the "quantity" window and then select  "add to cart" 

There is only one thing that differs from the original listing and that is the wood on these packs were salvaged from 1 single log that was buried under the sand at the bottom of the woodpile, lots of rain done the trick

This type of wood was an interesting find, in the whitest woods I found so far, some look white when green but after dried, it darkens considerably so, I was please to see that the wood did maintain the same colour after I oven dried a few pieces.

I haven't yet identified this tree species, I will need to do some more research to find out what it is but for now, I'm happy to give it a number and call it white ivory.  Why this name..?? well, I have waxed a few of the blanks and the colour the wood take with a finish is very much like a light colour ivory, therefore the name.

White wood is not as common as one may think, most as I mentioned before, will darken when dry or with any finish type so, for any job where a colour contrast is required, this wood will be most suitable.  I'm not discarding the possibility that turnings such as bowls, platters and vases will not look amazingly good from this wood, I will turn a few pieces for my own satisfaction and curiosity.

I found this firewood processing plant where most of the tree working companies around here take their logs for disposal free of charge and the plant owner cuts and splits it into firewood for sale.

There has been a number of new tree species that I manage to buy/salvage from becoming firewood from this place so, a great source of woods for me now that I no longer can do the tree work myself.

I have wrote a story about this new firewood place that, I already got many tonnes of wood and many more will be purchased in the near future, I never seem to have too much wood...!

These stories are wrote in a forum called IAP (International association of Penturners) based in the USA, I'm an active member there and also a vendor, please see here for the stories.


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