ROUND Jewellery box hinges 100mm Fan Flower "Gold & Silver"-sold singly


  • 1400

ROUND box hinge Fan Flower 100mm Gold FF-G and Silver FF-S

Sold individually


These are made in China and plated with the typical platings colours seen in most pen kits.


The factory also produces various designs on these hinges that are available in different sizes in round, square and rectangular profile.


Sizes and shapes available are;


*- 100mm Maple Leaf (gold and silver) - 50gr. each

*- 100mm Fan Flower (gold and silver) - 50gr. each

*- 85mm Daisy (gold) - 45gr. each

*- 76mm Plain (gold and silver) - 45gr. each

*- 76mm Butterfly (gold) - 35gr. each


*- 100mm (gold, silver & bronze) - 60gr. each


*- 125 x 80mm (gold, silver & bronze) - 70gr. each


NOTE: Square, rectangular or round wood blanks for these hinges, will be soon listed, for now, you can contact me and order the sizes you require in many of the woods I have available.


Thank you...!

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