Spanish Brush PEN blanks raw- Sold in packs


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Spanish Brush PEN blanks raw 

Sold in packs

 Blanks size approx. 21mm square x130mm long 

Packs weigh approx. 250gr. each

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These are an interesting find from the vacant paddock at the back of the house before it was subdivided into building other houses.

So, what is Spanish Brush...? well, the locals call it that but the real name is Spanish Heath a very invasive weed/shrub that can grow almost 10' tall and almost 4" in diameter trunk (most of these ones were).  This area has some very affected areas and if left unattended/untreated it grows fast and furious, in fact, a very difficult weed to exterminate, the way they did it at this back-paddock was to remove about 1' of soil in all the area, taking the root systems with it.

I didn't this would be much good as pen blanks so I went around and cut some of the wider pieces and put them in the shed which they stayed for a fear years until I finally saw them and processed what I could.

The wood is medium/soft nature but does not require stabilisation at all.

I scored a few other trees and everything I could use, I was given the green light to take what I wanted before the bulldozers started working.

All blanks are dry and waxed on one face, for protection and colour enhancement. 


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