Australian #17z (diagonal) Silver Wattle raw PEN blanks - sold in packs


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Australian #17z (diagonal) Silver Wattle PEN blanks 

sold in packs

 Blanks size of approx. 21mm square x 130mm long

 Packs weight of approx. 240gr

Please select the number of packs you want and add it/them to your "cart".

Blanks listed are raw wood, cut in diagonal.  Wood is soft but very workable, it can be stabilised if you so wish.

These blanks are part of the Silver Wattle New tree that I acquired some time ago, this tree is one of the Acacia family species that is very local to my area here, fast-growing but with a short life expectancy mainly due to the white fungi that attacks these trees crotches, weakening them and breaking easy from a windy storm.

Apart from being eaten away, the wood closest to the ground had plenty of spalting and was from soft to extremely soft so, a perfect candidate for stabilizing.

Blanks surface coated with hot wax to enhance all its colours.

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