Australian #18-N/Z (New, diagonal cut) Golden Wattle - Sold in packs of 4 blanks


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Australian #18-N/Z (New, diagonal cut) Golden Wattle

 PEN blanks raw - Sold in packs of 4

Blanks size of approx 21mm square X 130mm long

230gr. Pack x 4 blanks

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The Golden Wattle is a very Australian native tree species, very famous throughout the world in name but , not many people have had the opportunity to buy some of it, until I started to look for old dead trees that no one cares about in this area, not even for firewood...!

These trees have short life expectancy, (About 20 to 30 years) every wood eating bug attacks them endup killing the trees from the inside out, most times.  The wood itself is of medium density when green/alive and contain large amounts a silica (its own resin type) that, when dried in the right environment, it can turn as hard a rocks, there is infact one of theses Acacia species called, Stone Acacia, for that very reason...!

It spalts very easily, particularly when fallen into the moist sandy ground, that we have around here.  The natural colorations can vary from tree to tree and colours (reds and browns) are more vivid while the wood is green, after that, the spalting takes over and then the "blacks lines/patches" start to develop.

Attempting to dry the wood from green and maintain its natural colours, is only possible if the wood is kept in a dry environment, to avoid the moisture to trigger the spalting process.  The wood works and finishes very easily, any soft patches are quickly harden with thin CA, any extra-spalted blanks are generally stabilized clear or with dyes, prior to selling/listing them...!

I sell 2 main varieties of Golden Wattle, the #18-N (new trees, more vivid reds) and the #18-O the Older trees (in age), reds transform into brows as the trees age, this listing is for the New trees wood...!


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